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How does the DIY COVID-19 Face Shield Work?

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Wearing the Face Shield does not relieve you from observing all other precautions recommended by WHO and mandated by your local authorities, such as self-isolation and physical distancing.

The Face Shield should, however, provide an additional layer of protection to you and those around you from airborne droplets that may carry the Coronavirus. It does that by providing a physical barrier that the droplets cannot cross.

Also, wearing the Face Shield will generally prevent you from touching your face, which is equally important in protecting you from contracting this nasty Coronavirus.

The DIY COVID-19 Face Shield is comfortable to wear, and you can easily wear it over your glasses and/or over a face mask. You should wear it when you go shopping for groceries and it whenever you go out of your home for whatever reason.

The DIY COVID-19 Face Shield is reusable, however, you should disinfect it after every use with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. A number of reputable sources (for example this article on sciencealert.com), claim that using a 60% by volume alcohol solution is a recommended minimum concentration that will kill the Coronavirus.

It seems that very high concentrations (90%+) are less effective disinfectants than lower concentrations. For example the Alcohol Sanitizer paper by Nina A. Gold and Usha Avva claims that:

The antimicrobial activity of alcohols can be attributed to their ability to denature and coagulate proteins. The microorganism’s cells are then lysed, and their cellular metabolism is disrupted. Alcohol solutions containing 60% to 95% alcohol are most effective.

Our second video showed using rubbing alcohol and a 100 proof Vodka (50% alcohol) as a sanitizer. We have since removed that clip. Rubbing alcohol can be used, unless its concentration is greater than 95%, in which case it should be diluted with water before use. However, if you are low on rubbing alcohol, you can use it to "spike" the vodka you may have laying around and turn it into 60% alc. sanitizer. Just make sure you do the math right and mark the bottle of spiked Vodka "sanitizer - do not drink"!

Although you should sanitize your COVID-19 Face Shield after each trip to the supermarket, or any other store, it is still much more important that you wash your hands as soon as you come home. You are much more likely to have large numbers of viruses on your hands from touching dirty surfaces, than to have them on the outside of your Face Shield. That is why everyone is telling you to wash your hands regularly, while as far as we know, nobody is urging people to wash their faces.

Do not share your DIY COVID-19 Face Shield with others. Instead, show them how to make their own!

Finally a disclaimer: DIY COVID-19 Face Shield alone will NOT prevent you from getting infected, or from passing the infection to others. However, if used properly, it should help reduce the chances of infection and help FLATTEN THE CURVE!

Stay safe and share this information with others. Don't share the Coronavirus!

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