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Why DIY COVID-19 Face Shield?

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You must have seen photos and videos of doctors and nurses dealing with COVID-19 patients wearing transparent face shields over their N-95 face masks. However, at least here in Canada, there are not enough face shields available even for the front line health care providers, let alone the general public.

But don't worry, you can make your own DIY COVID-19 Face Shield yourself, quickly, easily and cheaply, and we will show you how to do that. All you will need is a piece of transparent plastic, a little piece of foam or weather stripping, an elastic head band, an office stapler and some Velcro if you want to make it adjustable. If you have all the materials, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to make one.

You can also consider wearing your DIY COVID-19 Face Shield it the fashion and social statement in support of the front line doctors and nurses, some of them still working without all necessary PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)!

News (March 30, 2020):

Bauer (bauer.com), the maker of hockey gear, has announced that it is shifting production to make visors for medical staff, first responders, and those in need. Their main challenge now is that the order demand is currently vastly exceeding their available capacity. Just the province of Quebec has placed an order for 300,000!

We have a few comments about this:

  1. We were ahead of the curve in realizing that millions of face shields will be needed to combat COVID-19.

  2. The companies that are switching to manufacturing medical face shields will not be able to fill even a fraction of the demand. Therefore, our DIY approach is the only way to deploy sufficient number of face shields to not just medical staff, but the population at large.

  3. The face shields made by Bauer look very much like a professional version of our DIY models, which aren't perfect, but are be good enough for now.

Stay safe and share this information with others. Don't share the Coronavirus!

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