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Trial of "Patent Pending" Trimill DRS Baffles
at Three Hills & District Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd.

On January 8, 2024 twenty one Trimill DRS baffles were installed in two 6" spouts handling wheat, at Three Hills & District Seed Cleaning Plant Ltd. in Three Hills, Alberta. The installation took only two hours, including removal and reinstallation of spouts.

The first phase of the trial (flow retardation and reduction in dust and fines generation) was successfully completed immediately following the installation. Dust generation was assessed visually through sampling ports (see the video below).

In the following months, the baffles will remain in place to test the performance with different grains and pulses, with the aim of verifying the reduction in product damage and spout wear.

DRS baffle for a 6" round spout

Installation of DRS Baffles

DRS Baffles in place

Dust/fines generation before and after DRS baffles installation

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