TriBatch Add-In for Excel

Latest News!

As of March 27, 2020, TriBatch Pro is free for all future and current users.

We have updated the TriBatch installation file so that it will now automatically install TriBatch on all supported versions of Excel, up to Excel 365.

TriBatch is advanced batch calculator and batch optimizer software for glass industry. It is capable of basic batch calculation, as well as:

  • Batch optimization for closest-to-desired glass composition;
  • Batch optimization for minimum glass cost with constraints;
  • Assigning tolerances to desired oxide composition;
  • Using oxide composition error weighing coefficients for optimization;
  • Grouping oxides;
  • Assigning optional oxide saturation limits in glass;
  • Specifying raw material quantities as percentage of other raw materials or total batch weight (used for minor ingredients);
  • Specifying raw material carryover losses;
  • Using raw material composition tolerances;
  • Performing a Min/Max analysis to determine the upper and lower limits of the oxide percentages in glass.
  • Managing a Raw Material database.
  • and many more.

TriBatch is an add-in for Microsoft® Excel versions 2000 and 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. As such, it uses the familiar Excel user interface and inherits all the flexibility that Excel offers when it comes to formatting, printing and connecting to other applications.

You can try TriBatch for free. TriBatch Demo allows you to do everything as long as the target glass composition is identical to one of four demo target compositions. Click here for a full resolution screen capture.

How does TriBatch Compare to Other Batch Calculators/Optimizers?

TriBatch offers a unique set of advanced glass batch calculation features, for a very reasonable price, especially for the Lite license, which costs only CAD 290.

If your batch calculation needs are very basic, you may be able to use the Free glass batch calculator instead.

If your batch calculation needs are too advanced even for TriBatch Pro, you may want to try Ilis BatchMaker®. However, it likely costs much more than TriBatch, judging from the facts that it requires a hardware lock and that the price of the license is not even mentioned on their Website.

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